Sissy School

Sissy Style School

Welcome girls from far, wide or just down the road. I’m really pleased to announce that here at the Sissy Dressing Parlour we will be running an online training program to transform you from gross guys to sleek sissies. 

The first program run and hosted by Queen Morningstar will be focused on style and basics. Although these are basic lessons, girls of all levels will gain something new from them and of course, have great fun on the journey. 

This course is online and interactive starting on Sunday the 24th November 2019 running for four consecutive weeks till Sunday the 22nd December 2019. 

The following topics will be covered:

Week 1 – How to slay, style and care for your wig.

Week 2 – Makeup basics 

Week 3 – Outfit styling, dressing and posing. 

Week 4 – Finishing school and bring all of your skills together. The final week will allow for you to showcase all of your new learnt skills to me in the online sissy fashion show. N.B you will not be showing your style off to other sissies (unless you want to of course).

The way this course will be taught: 

The course will be very interactive comprising of an email and video at the start of the week and a Skype session towards the end of each week where you can put your skills to use, ask questions, gain tips and get extra help if required. At the end of the course, there will be a finishing school and activities for you to show off your new skills with confidence. 

Sultry Sissy School

Sultry Sissy Slut School is for those girls wishing to delve deeper into their naughty side. The course will run from Sunday the 5th January 2020 till the 2nd February 2020.

The way the course will be taught is the same as the Sissy Style School. 

This course will cover the following:

Week 1 – Forming your inner slut and sissy slut outfits

Week 2 – Anal training

Week 3 – Seducing and servicing 

Week 4 – Sissy Slut Finishing school – bringing all of your skills together. 


The cost of each course will be inclusive for £130. For this tribute you will become a sissy student and you WILL be well equip with the skills and outcomes of each course. 

Early booking recommended to avoid disappointment. To enrol, full course tribute is required and can be made via PayPal to Within the payment ref please include the following – your email address and the course name.  * Important Note: Please Do NOT add the word “slut” as the course description within the payment ref. Doing so will result in a full refund and exclusion from the course.

I look forward to helping you all embrace sissification and grow with confidence.