The Parlour Bunnies are here to help you, to guide you and to assist you in maintaining your very own unique journey as well as your sanity. Here at the Parlour, we understand that dressing, sissifciation and sissy desires can be a lonely and confusing road. That’s why the Parlour Bunnies are here. Not only are they stunners in their own right and arm candy for Queen Morningstar but they’re sissy girls who have taken that journey just like you. They have come across those curiosities, desires, thoughts and processes and made it through to the other side. A side not full of confusion but a place of self-celebration and its safe to say they’re living their best sissy life.

The Parlour Bunnies are Queen Morningstar’s assistants in many forms. At all Parlour parties and events you can expect to see them and they’re even available for an appearance at your session and to play a role within your very own fantasy.

Feel free to contact them about anything and everything sissification including what its like at the Parlour and any questions or worries you might have about your very own visit and or transformation.


Devious Dolly

Dolly is one of our head girls. She has a fierce persona but soft core, just like her star sign- Cancer. Dolly’s key kinks are; bondage, mental domination and real-life cuckhold. Dolly also adores all things satin, especially maid-play.

You can find Dolly of Twitter @dolly_devious

Jessie Bunni

Jessie Bunni is the sweetest, kindest girl. Although, don’t let her sweet looks and kind nature fool you. She’s also as naughty as they come. Jessie is the epitome Sissy Bimbo and encompasses all of the traits. She’s fun, flirty, kind and free going and always enlightening us with her miscevioush antics.

You can find and follow Jessie Bunni on Twitter @jessie_bunni



If you are interested in becoming a Parlour Bunny get in touch. Please note, entry into this exclusive girl club is STRICTLY limited but the privileges and rewards are high.