The Start of Something Spectacular!

Hey guys and dolls,

So, we’ve had a pretty awesome opening month. Lots of glitter, glamour and devious sissy fun. Have you been part of it? If not, you’re missing out on some sissy shinanigans. Don’t worry though, we’re not going anywhere, you can come to play any time.

Well, the aim of this blog is to tell you about our aims for our blog. Being the colourful playful creatures that both you and I are, we don’t want this blog space to be full of mundane crap. You know, the typical blog space whereby its more of a bland, mandatory newsletter. Hell no, not for my colourful ass or yours. So, this space right here will be bursting to the rim full of fun, tips, tales, secrets and sultry fun. For this blog to be the frilly sissy fabulous diva bonanza that I envisage, I need many minds and many hands to help.

Whilst spending many years researching and perfecting my skills in sissification, I stumbled across many blogs and fabulous collections of sissy art in the form of cheeky images posted by you girls. You see, I’m rather lucky here because out of all of the topics and categories of submissives, sissies seem to be the most creative and typically the most extrovert and love sharing their sissy ventures, be it in the form of images or writing. So, I’ll be reaching out to some of you creative girls to make The Sissy Dressing Parlours blog space something spectacular. Something that has many minds, experiences and ideas.

If you have an idea or something you would like to add, drop me an email and let’s collaborate.

I’m super excited to make this space not only a place that you will hopefully come for styling, makeup and devious inspiration but a place that you come to read, laugh, learn and of course, fantasise about.

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